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Since 1979. Trustfull Company: our private detectives are highly capable in any scientific, business, industrial, politics and private investigations.
Detectives team with long carreer experience. Any job has our special attention, carefully annalysis, case by case, with all secret and total discretion. Any detective present a detailed report for every investigation with all the proofs. Our company is qualified among the best private investigation companies in the world, equipped with
the most sophisticated and updated equipments, as parabolic antennas for ambiance and immage recording and pictures in all levels. For several reasons we were considered among the best world companies, one of the most wellknown, efficience and technics in teh investigation market. For all those reasons we join over 5200 well solved cases.

Company, Industrial, Commercial and Politics anty-spying

Industry and commerce: bad employees are the most frequent problems in the majorities of the industrial
plants presently, for that reason there is a special need of intruded agents, with sophisticated equipments
to help in the issues discrete research for real proofs; continuous robbery, robbery, unhappiness,
faults, information disclousure, fabrication of marks and products, etc.

Politics: investigation and information about politics suspect in corruption acts, personnal security,politics with menaces and blackmailing cases, etc.